The USMC's Next Generation of Target Dummies Ride Segways (Updated)

For years, military live fire exercises have relied on either stationary or pop-out targets but they don't really simulate enemy movements—they just sit there, waiting to be shot. These targets, newly developed for the USMC don't; they move, behave, and react just like real combatants. » 11/29/11 11:40pm 11/29/11 11:40pm

Sony's PMA Leaks Reveal the Mysterious G1 and Nine Cybershot Offspring (Updated)

Dennis at Let's Go Digital plundered the web to find 10 unknown Cybershot model numbers over at Sony Style Canada. There isn't much info to go by, but judging by the family names, we can easily speculate on some. But among the familiars, there's the G1, a whole new genus of Cybershot. That's all we know so far about… » 2/19/07 7:57pm 2/19/07 7:57pm