The T3 Makes a Guy Wearing a Bike Helmet on a Scooter Scary as Hell

For the most part, I wouldn't consider a police officer or military personnel riding down the road on a scooter as intimidating. However, if that scooter happens to be Lamperd Less Lethal's new T3 Mobile Defender, there is definitely something to be worried about. The vehicle comes equipped with a powerful air gun… » 6/30/08 5:20pm 6/30/08 5:20pm

iPod Wins T3's "Best Gadget of All Time" Award

You will call us fanboys, you will say we love Apple more than our own mothers, you will state we have had sexual relations with sheep and proclaim you have photographic proof. Despite all the evidence supporting your assertions, one thing is certain; Apple's iPod has just scrolled home with T3's "Best Gadget of All… » 10/13/07 6:00pm 10/13/07 6:00pm

Motorola TLKR, No Vowels for Walkie-Talkies

You know Motorola is stepping up their game when they begin ripping the grammar-strained vowels from a product line. Take the TLKR, it's Motorola's new line of walkie-talkies meant to convey a sense of style while you are calling in for airstrikes on the cootie patrol. The first version will be the T3, offering eight… » 9/13/07 10:29am 9/13/07 10:29am