Lenovo Considering Thinkpads with Multitouch and OLED

If Apple won't do it, maybe it's time for us to celebrate the potential of another company's multitouch laptops. Because Lenovo's worldwide product marketing manager Franciso Carias revealed that the company is considering building multitouch screens into their Thinkpads and creating a 15-inch OLED version of the T500… » 6/23/09 8:37am 6/23/09 8:37am

Toshiba's T400 Player Available Outside of Asia, Outside of Asia…

The Toshiba T400 Gigabeat player is nothing especially new in the Asian markets but its appearance on Sam's Club's website means the player is finally going to be availabe in the States. Generally, the 4 gigabyte player is underwhelming. It can play MP3s, WMAs, WAV files and has video playback for WMV videos that you… » 9/24/07 9:25pm 9/24/07 9:25pm