i-Station T43 PMP From Digital Cube

Thank heavens, another portable media player for us to pick apart. The successor to last year's V43, the T43 is a PMP that does what all good PMPs do: play your torrented videos and MP3s without making too much of a fuss. For the most part, it's pretty similar to last year's V43, but when was the last you expected… » 6/30/06 3:43pm 6/30/06 3:43pm

Lenovo ThinkPad T43 Review (Verdict: Reasonable)

ThinkPad has always been the Volvo of laptops—sensible, sometimes attractive, and always expensive. Well, now that Lenovo is riding the IBM ThinkPad logo like a mule, their latest models are pitching themselves into more of the Honda Fit category—sporty, fun, but underneath it's still an Accord. » 5/22/06 3:42pm 5/22/06 3:42pm