Panasonic Fleshes-Out Toughbook Line With 3G-Internet F8, T8, W8 Laptops

Pansonic's line of Toughbook » 9/26/08 4:07am 9/26/08 4:07am laptops is already pretty extensive, but it's getting more so: Panasonic's just come up with the 8-series of "business-rugged" notebooks. The F8, T8 and W8 all come with a Gobi 3G mobile broadband system built in for roaming internet access. The F8 is being called the "world’s lightest…

RAmos iMovie T8 offers 32GB on the Cheap

We're always on the prowl for the latest iClone, and this RAmos iMovie is looking like an...interesting...replacement for the iPod touch. Featuring a slim 10mm aluminum-magnesium frame, the T8 doesn't seem to have multitouch, but it will play back RMVB, AVI, FLV, WMV, MPG, MP4, DAT, and 3GP on its 4.3" WQVGA (480×272)… » 8/07/08 8:57am 8/07/08 8:57am