This T9 Keyboard Puts Old School Texting on Your iPhone

Nowadays, you can put third-party keyboards on iOS 8, but back in Ye Olden Days of mobile phones (anything pre-Blackberry *shudder* *vomit*) there wasn't much choice when it came to tapping out texts. If you wanted to send a message, you used T9, a predictive keyboard style where you'd press numbers on the dialpad to… » 11/12/14 9:19am 11/12/14 9:19am

Blindingly Fast Touchscreen Text Entry System Gets a Push By Creator of T9

Everyone who has owned a cellphone over the last 10 years should at some point pour one out in thanks to Cliff Kushler, one of the inventors of the T9 text entry system that knows you mean "DONKEY" when you type 366539 in an SMS. Now Cliff is smartly shifting his focus on touchscreens with Swype-a way to type… » 9/10/08 9:45am 9/10/08 9:45am

Samsung Gives the T9 a Plus with Wireless Gaming

Samsung is dropping an upgraded version of their T9 music phone, dubbed the T9+, that features some additional wireless sharing features. It's got the Zuney song-sharing functions that the last incarnation had, and it ups the ante by allowing wireless games to be played with anyone else with a T9+ within 30 feet.… » 6/12/07 1:10pm 6/12/07 1:10pm

Samsung T9 Dropped in Pink Paint for Valentine's

Hold onto your hats, Korea, because Samsung plans to release a pink T9 there on February 9 for around $228, just in time for Valentine's Day. (Does Korea even celebrate the holiday?) You might remember that Samsung released a pinkified Z5 a few months back. All of the T9's stats remain the same: Bluetooth support, 2GB… » 1/31/07 9:58am 1/31/07 9:58am

Samsung YP-T9B Now in Korea, We Have Pricing

We've been teasing you with bits of information about the Samsung YP-T9B digital audio player, where we heard it was first seen in China last week. Now it's been sighted in Korea, where the diminutive music player with a flash-based graphical interface and 1.8-inch display will be available in 1GB ($180), 2GB ($220),… » 9/19/06 9:12am 9/19/06 9:12am