Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 Now Comes In a 10.1-Inch Flavor, But Is Fatter…

How many bloody tablets does one company need? And how many bloody sizes do they have to come in? Samsung's added a 10.1-inch size model the Galaxy Tab 2 7-incher which was announced just the other day, whacking Ice Cream Sandwich and a 1GHz dual-core processor into the obese frame. No, seriously - it's actually… » 2/26/12 10:57am 2/26/12 10:57am

T-Mobile Gets First Dibs on Galaxy Tab: November 10th For $400

Unless AT&T announces that they're shipping the Galaxy Tab within the next three weeks, your first chance to get your hands on Samsung's Android tablet will be through T-Mobile on November 10th for $400 with a two-year contract. Sounds right to us, especially with Sprint charging the same. Sprint will have the device… » 10/27/10 9:25am 10/27/10 9:25am