Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 Now Comes In a 10.1-Inch Flavor, But Is Fatter and Heavier Than the Original

How many bloody tablets does one company need? And how many bloody sizes do they have to come in? Samsung's added a 10.1-inch size model the Galaxy Tab 2 7-incher which was announced just the other day, whacking Ice Cream Sandwich and a 1GHz dual-core processor into the obese frame. No, seriously - it's actually… »2/26/12 10:57am2/26/12 10:57am

T-Mobile Gets First Dibs on Galaxy Tab: November 10th For $400

Unless AT&T announces that they're shipping the Galaxy Tab within the next three weeks, your first chance to get your hands on Samsung's Android tablet will be through T-Mobile on November 10th for $400 with a two-year contract. Sounds right to us, especially with Sprint charging the same. Sprint will have the device… »10/27/10 9:25am10/27/10 9:25am