Steel and Wood From a Salvaged Railroad Support This Rustic Ping Pong Table

You probably spent weeks trying to find the perfect furniture for your living room, so why just put any old ping pong table in your rec room? If you’ve got the room (and the money to hire movers) this table, including the net, is made from salvaged rails and lumber that one supported real trains. »9/02/15 2:52pm9/02/15 2:52pm

Cardboard Table Tennis Folds Down Into a Portable Cardboard Suitcase

The next time you're stuck at an airport waiting for a delayed flight, instead of turning to your smartphone to pass the time, just make sure this cardboard version of table tennis is one of your carry-on items. In just seconds it can be unfolded and assembled into a working ping-pong table, complete with a cardboard… »2/20/15 2:52pm2/20/15 2:52pm

Virtual Table Tennis Finally Gets Rid Of That Expensive Plastic Ball

How often do you find yourself interested in playing table tennis only to discover that small plastic ball either missing, crushed, or too sticky from a round of Beer Pong to bounce? The Sharper Image has the solution in the form of this $60 Virtual Pong game that projects a ball of light on the walls and ceiling,… »10/27/14 2:41pm10/27/14 2:41pm

A 3D-Printed Squeezable Ping-Pong Ball That Won't Dent

Even if you've got the table, some choice paddles, and enough room to play, a game of ping-pong can still be undone if you can't find a tiny plastic ball that isn't dented. Table tennis balls are notoriously easy to damage, rendering them useless to play with, which is what inspired Philipp Günther to create the… »6/11/14 9:20am6/11/14 9:20am