Axiotron Service Reincarnates Old Macbooks As Shiny New Modbook Tablets

If you're a tablet-lover like me, you've probably bemoaned the lack of Apple tablets at some point in time. Though Axiotron's Modbook looked pretty great, the nearly $2500 it costs put it way out of my price range. But the Gods of Technology must've heard my prayers, because Axiotron's now offering a sweet deal to … »10/29/08 1:30am10/29/08 1:30am

Leaked Apple Patent Filing is Full of New Multitouch Tech For a Mac Tablet

Appleinsider has gotten their hands on »8/28/08 11:58am8/28/08 11:58am a large patent filing from Apple that we haven't seen before, and it's loaded with plans for how a multitouch interface would work on a tablet Mac running full-blown OS X. It covers how small interface buttons will be handled, iPhone-like scrolling through lists, details on a…