What Tablets Looked Like Before the iPad And What They Look Like Now

Plastic. Lumpy. Windows. Buttons. More buttons...handles? Yup, this is what tablets looked like before the iPad came out. After the iPad? Well, um, it's been a lot different. » 8/19/11 11:20pm 8/19/11 11:20pm

Converted Dell Mini 9 Netbook Makes For a Great Internet Tablet

Everybody's favorite hackintoshable netbook, the Dell Mini 9, has yet another identity—it can be converted into a pretty fantastic internet slate PC/tablet. » 10/14/09 12:22pm 10/14/09 12:22pm

Archos 5 Internet Tablet Hands On: Android Power, But Where's the Flash?

The new Archos 5 Internet Tablet is indeed powered by Android, and improves all around over its predecessor, with more storage and a better interface. But something's still missing. » 9/15/09 1:30pm 9/15/09 1:30pm

Apple Tablet with 9.6-inch Touchscreen, HSDPA in February?

I know, another tablet rumor right? But stay with me on this one. Taiwan Economic News' "industry sources" say it's real, and will have a 9.6-inch touchscreen, HSPDA, a P.A SEMI processor, "long lasting battery" and cost $800 to $1000... » 9/15/09 1:55am 9/15/09 1:55am

Archos 9 Hands On: The Windows 7 Netbook That Lost Its Keyboard

We're probably not going to see an Apple tablet tomorrow, but the Archos 9 could hold us over. The "netblet" (yea, my portmanteau of the words netbook and tablet) runs Windows 7, but I'm not sure I'd shell out $500. » 9/08/09 9:03pm 9/08/09 9:03pm

Duros 8404 Tablet Upgraded With Atom, Daylight-Viewable LCD

If your business has you doing a lot of computing outdoors, a rugged tablet PC might make some sense. The upgraded Duros 8404 even brings an 8.4-inch sunlight-viewable SVGA touchscreen to the mix. » 7/22/09 1:30pm 7/22/09 1:30pm

Hanwha Duo Turns Your Laptop Into a Tablet PC

Hanwah Japan's new Duo digital pen allows you to turn a standard 15.4-Inch LCD laptop into a tablet PC through infrared and ultrasonic magic. » 3/19/09 7:40pm 3/19/09 7:40pm

12-Inch Multitouch Tablet Convertible Dell Latitude XT2 Now Out

Looks like Dell's 12.1-inch Latitude XT2 has now been globally launched. The tablet convertible has got a multitouch screen, DDR3 memory and weighs just 3.8 pounds with a 6-cell 11-hour battery. Starting price: $2399 » 2/10/09 2:11am 2/10/09 2:11am

Capacitatve-Touch HP tx2 Tablet "Needs Work" Says Laptop Mag

It was supposed to be this wondertablet, a breakthrough device with iPhone-like capacitative touch screen, plus innovative software like its TouchSmart all-in-one siblings. But Laptop's testing shows the touch features aren't nearly good enough. » 12/19/08 8:35pm 12/19/08 8:35pm

Axiotron Service Reincarnates Old Macbooks As Shiny New Modbook Tablets

If you're a tablet-lover like me, you've probably bemoaned the lack of Apple tablets at some point in time. Though Axiotron's Modbook looked pretty great, the nearly $2500 it costs put it way out of my price range. But the Gods of Technology must've heard my prayers, because Axiotron's now offering a sweet deal to … » 10/29/08 1:30am 10/29/08 1:30am

Fujitsu Siemens ST6012 Tablet PC Quietly Hits, Looks the Biz

Last we heard from Fujitsu it was updating its iMac-alike » 9/30/08 5:05am 9/30/08 5:05am desktop PC, but the company has also just snuck out the ST6012 tablet PC very quietly. Running an Intel Core2 Duo beneath a 12.1-inch 1280 × 800-pixel touchscreen, the machine also packs 2GB of RAM, Intel GS45 integrated graphics, up to a 320GB HDD or optional…

Motion Computing F5 Tablet is Highly Evolved Speak N' Spell

The latest semi-rugged tablet to hit the market, Motion Computing's F5, keeps a good idea alive: a built-in handle lets the butterfingeriest extraterrestrials field workers keep hold of their precious electronics. » 3/03/08 9:32am 3/03/08 9:32am

Will N-Trig DuoSense Power the Apple Tablet?

N-Trig makes the DuoSense technology that powers the Dell Latitude XT's touch-sensitive and pen-enabled display. This is the only input device in the market that combines a pressure-sensitive pen with multitouch into a single surface, which allows for seamless iPhone-style finger interaction—perfect for broad, direct… » 12/14/07 10:19am 12/14/07 10:19am

Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC Coming December 11

There aren't many Tablet PC fans around, but Dell's upcoming Latitude XT Tablet PC may just bring some more people into the club. We got a tip from reader William that the tablet is going to be launching December 11, a fact he got from some covert ops and a half hour of flirting. The specs are after the jump. Good job… » 12/06/07 12:59pm 12/06/07 12:59pm

Dell's New Latitude XT Tablet to Have Multi-Touch Technology

Just in case you missed it, at Oracle OpenWorld 2007, Dell demonstrated the multi-touch capability of their new Latitude XT tablet PC. Users will be able to use multiple fingers to draw lines or manage several images simultaneously. Kevin Kettler, Dell's chief technology officer, noted that "it's going to be a great… » 11/16/07 5:45pm 11/16/07 5:45pm

Jazzmutant Multitouch Tablet PC Demoed

Here's a video of the multi-touch tablet PC prototype that Jazzmutant showed off last week at Siggraph. It's got the pinch and spread features that Apple popularized on the iPhone, but this can actually take an unlimited number of contact points. You can use as many fingers (or styluses) as you were born with to… » 8/17/07 12:20pm 8/17/07 12:20pm

Getec V100 Tablet PC Laughs in the Face of Danger

Getec's V100 is a tough laptop, a really tough laptop. You won't have to rely on some pathetic drop-sensor to protect this machine. In fact, you probably have to throw it down the stairs just to boot it up. It's built as a military machine, but we lucky civilians can get now one, too. » 8/02/07 9:15am 8/02/07 9:15am

TabletKiosk Sahara Slate i440D Tablet PC Shipping

The TabletKiosk Sahara, a relatively unknown tablet that can do both dual pen and and touchscreen input, is shipping now. Comes with an intel Core Duo LV processor, and can be configured at up to 4GB of DDR2RAM and 160GB of SATA. [TabletKiosk] » 7/31/07 9:13am 7/31/07 9:13am

Kohjinsha SA1F00V: 7" tablet UMPC Adds Touchscreen, Still as Slow as…

Kohjinsha has added touch capabilities to the 7" 800 x 480 screen on its Japan-only SA1F00 UMPC tablet computer, letting you massage your way through Windows XP Home even when it's running as slow as Keanu Reeves putting frozen Heinz Ketchup on a bullet-time burger. » 4/23/07 4:39am 4/23/07 4:39am

Fujitsu's Twin Tablets Pack Core Duo

Slate's are usually wimpy. These have extra processing power, now that Fujitsu's dropped Intel Dual Core processors in their Stylistic ST5100 series. » 11/22/06 10:30am 11/22/06 10:30am