HP Pavillion DV Series Notebooks Redesigned with Magic Chrome, Blu-ray, HD Tuners and More

HP overhauled its feature-packed consumer DV notebooks, the familiar black-and-silver ID getting a "magic chrome" enhancement: otherwise invisible controls light-up when touched. It's the first new look for the Pavilion line since 2006. The entire line features HD tuners, Blu-ray drives, webcams, fingerprint readers… »6/10/08 4:00am6/10/08 4:00am

Intel Germany CEO Spills on Atom-Based Mini-Tablet iPhone

Through the fabulously true-to-life magic of machine translation comes word from that Intel Germany CEO Hannes Schwaderer has confirmed an upcoming, larger (more tablet-y?) "version of the iPhone" based on Intel's Atom platform. Supposedly, the beefier unit size isn't due to the Atom chipset, but to the … »5/14/08 6:49pm5/14/08 6:49pm

Smitrix Swiftpoint Triped Mouse For Tablet PCs: Forget Those Annoying Pens

You have already seen the Swiftpoint Slider Mouse, a device that effectively makes your keyboard into one giant mousepad, and now we learn that there is a similar device made primarily for tablet PCs and multi-touch tabletop surfaces. Besides being pointier and cooler looking than the Slider, the Triped aims to… »3/10/08 7:00pm3/10/08 7:00pm

Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC Gets Official At Under 4 Pounds With Capacitive Touch

Dell's Latitude XT 12.1-inch convertible Tablet PC is finally official, and it's being paraded as the world's "only sub-four-pound 12.1-inch convertible tablet" with capacitive touch capability—meaning it'll sense your finger (sorry, only one) without any pressure at all. Also on the touchy-feely side, it's got palm… »12/11/07 9:15am12/11/07 9:15am

Toshiba Portege M700 Tablet Has Touchable Screen, LED Backlighting

If you're a tablet person, you should take a look at Toshiba's latest, the Portege M700. It's got a 12.1" LCD screen, the first from Toshiba with LED backlighting and an antiglare coating for maximum indoor/outdoor performance. The screen has another talent too: unlike many Tablet PCs, this can be touched with your… »12/10/07 8:00am12/10/07 8:00am

Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC Shown Off at Oracle OpenWorld

Michael Dell showed off the Latitude XT tablet at Oracle OpenWorld today, and from the looks of it, they might have a winner on their hands. Aside from previous specs (12.1 inches, 1.2 GHz processor, under 4 pounds, up to 3 GB RAM), the video reveals that the convertible tablet features multi-touch recognition that… »11/14/07 9:51pm11/14/07 9:51pm

Toshiba's M400 Tablet PC Reviewed (Verdict: Solid But Could Improve)

Toshiba New Zealand let Craig Pringle take their new M400 Tablet PC out for a spin last month and he's posted a detailed hands-on review on his blog, complete with photos. Pringle says he's been using mostly tablets for the past year so he should know what he's talking about; he's pleased with the M400 overall, even… »3/02/06 5:05pm3/02/06 5:05pm