Magnetic Building Blocks That Interact With Touchscreen Tablet Apps

There's a fear that touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablets will one day turn kids into lifeless, imagination-less zombies. But technology isn't all bad. And to bridge the gap between the toys of yesteryear and tomorrow, researchers at the National Taiwan University created a building block toy that can… » 3/31/14 2:52pm 3/31/14 2:52pm

WSJ: Microsoft and Google Are Crushing the Dual-OS Dream

A report by the Wall Street Journal claims that Intel's grand plans to stuff Android and Windows into the same tablet have hit a brick wall: neither Google nor Microsoft want hardware to sport the competitor's OS alongside their own. » 3/14/14 8:29am 3/14/14 8:29am

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Hands-On: A Familiar Waterproof Monolith

The tablet market is busier than it's ever been, but Sony's Xperia Tablet Z, with its waterproofing, minimalist design and super-slim frame, always felt like a unique prospect. While the impact of today's reveal of the Xperia Z2 Tablet is lessened by familiarity with its excellent predecessor, it's still looking like a … » 2/24/14 3:39am 2/24/14 3:39am

Sony's New Xperia Z2 Phone and Z2 Tablet Look Pretty Sweet

Surprise, surprise. Just over a month after Sony released what we thought was its flagship phone for the time being in the Xperia Z1S, it surprised us today by unveiling the upcoming Xperia Z2. It's like a beefed-up version of its predecessor. And tagging along with it is the Xperia Z2 Tablet, which looks like a mighty … » 2/24/14 2:45am 2/24/14 2:45am

From Tablets to TVs: What's Next For Display Tech in 2014

Starting in 2010 when Apple made the retina display and display quality a central theme for their product marketing, displays have moved up from the doldrums into an unprecedented renaissance of new display technologies for smartphones, tablets, TVs, and entirely new classes of products like wearable displays. » 2/04/14 12:00pm 2/04/14 12:00pm

Toshiba Crammed 5 Computers in Its Shape-Shifting Concept 5-in-1 PC

It's a concept but it's a super fun one. Toshiba's shape-shifting concept 5-in-1 PC somehow manages to be a laptop, a tablet, a convertible tablet, a canvas, and a presentation TV-type device. A few of those five might be redundant (and/or useless), but it's pretty freaking sweet to see one computer try to be… » 1/07/14 5:23pm 1/07/14 5:23pm

Samsung's Galaxy NotePRO and Galaxy TabPRO Tablets are Big and Dreamy

Samsung's tablet family is about get a few new professional members. The new Android tablets, dubbed the Galaxy NotePRO and Galaxy TabPRO (which includes three sizes) are definitely aimed at the business sector, but they certainly look like flagship products that anybody would want to get their hands on. » 1/06/14 5:00pm 1/06/14 5:00pm

There's Another Weird PadFone Coming Out For Some Reason

Well, if it were a human this thing would have borderline personality disorder. Asus is back with a second-gen version of the PadFone, the big ass smartphone that transforms into an even bigger tablet when docked, and it has yet to recover from this severe identity crisis. » 1/06/14 1:30pm 1/06/14 1:30pm

This Magical Tech Could Make Mobile Keyboards Suck Way Less

It's pretty much a given that laptops are going to get thinner and thinner. Take Microsoft Surface for example. It's got that tablet keyboard-cover that's alllmost but not really usable. The problem with it is that is there's no haptic feedback. The raised keys help a little, but without any movement, you just can't… » 1/05/14 9:20pm 1/05/14 9:20pm

LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition Review: Android's iPad Mini

Your pure-Android tablet options at present are a decidedly mixed bag; you've got the terrific seven-inch Nexus 7 2013 edition on one hand, and the aging 10-inch Nexus 10 from late 2012, just crying for an update. There's a lot of room in between for something Goldilocks might like. » 12/26/13 1:30pm 12/26/13 1:30pm

Merry Christmas, Son. I Trampled a Man To Death To Buy You This…

I bought this for you weeks ago. Santa Claus got most of your presents, but this one is special from your mom and me. It was very hard keeping it a secret from you. Partly because you're so curious, always getting into everything, and partly because after Daddy bought this present it was the top story on the local news … » 12/25/13 12:00pm 12/25/13 12:00pm

The Best Windows Tablet Display Doesn't Come From Microsoft

A new generation of Windows tablets has arrived with the launch of the Microsoft Surface 2, their second generation tablet, and the Nokia Lumia 2520, Nokia's first ever tablet. With virtually identical functionality and OS software, it is the quality and performance of their displays that really differentiates the… » 12/10/13 11:50am 12/10/13 11:50am