Outfoxed: Revisiting Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism

Last week, Rupert Murdoch finally admitted to the obvious phone-hacking cover-up at his now shut-down tabloid News of the World—not that anyone had any doubts about it before his confession. And just this morning, a report was released by a UK Parliamentary panel declaring the media mogul unfit to lead his own empire.… » 5/01/12 8:20pm 5/01/12 8:20pm

The Week In iPhone Apps: Bat Boys and Monkey Islands

This week in the App Store it may as well've been 1991: We've got Lollapalooza! Monkey Island! Novel self-help strategies! Glittery-clothed strippers! And last but not nearly least, everyone's favorite defunct supermarket tabloid! The Golden Age of culture, people. » 7/31/09 6:45pm 7/31/09 6:45pm