Chrome Panic Button Is the One Chrome Extension You Definitely Need at…

If you read a bunch of websites that do not relate to your work whatsoever while you're at work, well, here's the one chrome extension worth downloading: Panic Button. It quickly hides all of your open tabs in Chrome and lets you open them up all later. Like, when your boss isn't around. » 10/11/12 10:20pm 10/11/12 10:20pm

Google Chrome Fatal Flaw Discovered, Will Destroy Lives, Dignities

Blog Vital Security » 9/06/08 8:12pm 9/06/08 8:12pm has discovered a fatal flaw in Google's Chrome, which may dramatically affect the lives of the tens of thousands of people who are running the browser right now: Dear Señor Google, please don't make a new tab automatically display my most visited sites by default. Seriously. Don't. []