Taco Bell's "Breakfast Phone" Comes With Free Tacos, Angry Creditors

Recently, Taco Bell sent out 1,000 free phones to "social influencers" to promote its unholy bastardization of what it means to be a breakfast taco. Unfortunately for one unwitting participant, his gift also came attached to bill collectors, court orders, and one charge of truancy. » 3/28/14 4:40pm 3/28/14 4:40pm

You Can Buy Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco Starting Today

If you want to experience what the apocalypse will taste like in a taco, go to Taco Bell and get the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco today. Originally slated to release on Thursday March 7th, Taco Bell has decided to release the delicious monstrosity a day early. It's available starting today. » 3/06/13 1:00am 3/06/13 1:00am

Taco Bell-Flavored Doritos Are Here, As Gyre Widens Beyond Any Possible…

The unholy convergence of Taco Bell and Doritos continued today, as Frito Lay announced that its popular paprika-dusted triangle chips will soon come in a flavor inspired by the Tex-Mex fast food chain. Feel that? That's your colon flinching. » 1/31/13 4:27pm 1/31/13 4:27pm

Taco Bell CEO Confirms That the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco Is Coming…

Fast foodies aficionados, ranch dippers, chip dust finger suckers, ground meat lovers, Mountain Dew drinkers at the skate park, or just people everywhere, listen up. Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed has confirmed that Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco is coming very soon. This is the best gift 2013 will give. » 1/29/13 8:20pm 1/29/13 8:20pm

The Cool Ranch Doritos Taco Is Real and Headed Straight For Your Face

Governments of the world: arm all nuclear launch codes, disband your legislatures, and send your drones to the sky: Taco Bell is preparing not one but two new flavors of its diabolical Doritos Locos Tacos. This time, prepare. » 6/18/12 6:20pm 6/18/12 6:20pm

100 Million Doritos Tacos Locos, By the Numbers

Hey, have you heard? Taco Bell has sold over 100-million of its Doritos Tacos Locos, the nuclear weapon of the fast food franchise—and it's been only 10 weeks since they launched! This is disturbing information, I think! » 6/06/12 3:00am 6/06/12 3:00am

Taco Bell Is Officially Selling Orange Juice Mixed with Mountain Dew

Do you like orange juice? Do you like mornings? Do you like Mountain Dew? Do you like irregular heartbeats? Taco Bell's latest concoction is the hydrogen bomb of fast food creativity. » 5/29/12 2:20pm 5/29/12 2:20pm

Taco Bell, By the Numbers

Here at Gizmodo, we have a real vested interest in the nacho cheese-dusted enigma that is Taco Bell. Well, this year, Taco Bell turns 50. So, in honor of that most milestoney of ages, here's a look at her latest figures: » 4/20/12 2:20am 4/20/12 2:20am

Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco Lightning Review: Love and Vomit (Updated)

J. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb, quipped famously that upon seeing the destruction his creation had wrought, he was reminded of a Hindu god's terrible vengeance: "I am become death, destroyer of worlds." Someone at Taco Bell is surely thinking the same, for the Doritos Locos is fast food's nuclear… » 3/09/12 3:20pm 3/09/12 3:20pm

Taco Bell Has an 85 Million Taco Shell Reserve Prepared for Doritos…

Look, you can argue this fact all you want, but a fact it remains: Taco Bell's soon selling tacos made out of giant Doritos, and you're going to eat one. No, shh—it's true. Millions of orange shells await. » 2/16/12 8:00pm 2/16/12 8:00pm

Taco Bell's Stupidly Exploitative MLK Day Tweet

Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the greatest figures in American history, and helped kick segregation squarely in the balls. So, what's the best way to honor this brave man's legacy? How about comparing it to a fucking taco! » 1/16/12 5:20pm 1/16/12 5:20pm

A Man Threw a Molotov Cocktail at a Taco Bell Because His Chalupa…

I love me some Taco Bell! Gorditas, Nachos Supremes, Mexican pizzas and oh boy some Chalupas. I don't love chalupas as much as a man who torched a Taco Bell because they didn't stuff his XL Chalupas with enough meat though. That's psychotic love. » 10/28/11 5:40pm 10/28/11 5:40pm

Taco Bell's Beef Is Actually Beef: Lawsuit Dropped

The lawsuit that accused Taco Bell of only having 36% beef in their seasoned beef has been dropped. Taco Bell says no money exchanged hands and that they weren't changing any products either. Taco Bell estimates they spent $3 to $4 million dollars combatting the false accusation in advertising. Go ahead and order your… » 4/19/11 10:00am 4/19/11 10:00am

Taco Bell Clarifies: That Recent Lawsuit Is Bogus—Our Seasoned Beef…

Ready for more beef drama? After a terse initial response to a lawsuit claiming that only a small percentage of its 'Taco Meat Filling' is actually beef, Taco Bell followed up with a fairly detailed breakdown of the mysterious recipe. » 1/26/11 11:00pm 1/26/11 11:00pm

Taco Bell's Angry Because "False Statements" Are Being Made About Its…

There's a lot of talk right now about what really hides inside Taco Bell's beef—better known as "Taco Meat Filling"—and so naturally the fast food restaurant was bound to chime in with some rather angry words: » 1/25/11 8:04pm 1/25/11 8:04pm