The Davy Crockett Tac-Nuke: King of the Wild Cold War Frontier

There was a time when the U.S. Army foresaw the need to launch more than 400 nuclear weapons in a single day should Soviet Russia attempt to invade Western Europe at the height of the Cold War. It was with this doomsday scenario in mind that army researchers developed a recoilless, truck-mounted rifle capable of… »4/29/14 11:40am4/29/14 11:40am


America's Tactical Nukes Are Worth Twice Their Weight in Gold

The GBU-57A-B is by far America's biggest bunker buster, but it's not actually our most powerful one. That acclaim goes to the deep diving, hard hitting, supersonic B-61 tactical nuclear bomb. And we're about to spend more than $11 billion to ensure they stay on the front lines through the middle of the next decade. »4/25/14 11:40am4/25/14 11:40am