Treebot Will Find You, No Matter How High You Climb

Climbing-capable robots have been around for a while now, but none accomplish the task quite like the Treebot. This inchworm-like automaton, built by researchers at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, is essentially blind. It relies on tactile feedback from its front and rear gripping claws, rather than through a… » 5/18/11 8:20pm 5/18/11 8:20pm

Nokia Haptikos Tactile Touchscreen Patent Is a Bit Like Apple's

Among the rush of Apple patents relating to touchscreens over the last year came one on tactile feedback touchscreens, and Nokia seems to have been thinking along the same lines. Almost exactly the same lines, since Nokia's Haptikos tech is a system of fluid-cells driven by piezoelectric actuators that push up through… » 7/08/08 6:39am 7/08/08 6:39am

Scientists Make Bandaid-Sized Flexible Haptic Display

A team of Korean and US scientists have developed a new type of display that delivers information via your biggest organ: your skin (yes, I know what you were thinking.) Their new tactile "display" is flexible enough to be rolled up around your finger like a bandaid, and may be a useful computerized Braille aid. The… » 6/09/08 11:00am 6/09/08 11:00am

My Touch Keys Brings Tactile Feedback to iPhone

My Touch Keys is a simple idea; a thin sheet of plastic with holes where each key appears is mounted onto the iPhone's screen. When the keyboard is used, you can "feel" each key as you press, thanks to the slight depression the My Touch Keys sheet offers. Though this isn't exactly a new concept, it is the first time… » 3/26/08 5:45am 3/26/08 5:45am

Tactile Messaging Vest Lets Soldiers Communicate Silently

Just as kids wrote on each other's backs and tried to guess what the letter or word was—something we loved—these tactile vests transmits signals to the wearer tactically. Each vest has 16 vibrating motors that can create 15 patterns with a "very high recognition" rate. In fact, when five volunteers were tested with… » 1/03/07 6:40pm 1/03/07 6:40pm