This amazing photo of a city is actually a painted game map

When I first saw this my first thought was "wow, Shanghai is looking really crazy these days," thinking that it was a photo. Then I zoomed in and saw it was a painting. The author is a young French artist named Klaus Pillon—who says it is the world map for an incoming indie video game. His work is great. » 12/16/14 9:47pm 12/16/14 9:47pm

Rumor: Nokia to Launch a Bluetooth Tag to Keep Track of Your Stuff

The Verge is reporting that Nokia is planning to launch a new proximity sensor to tie in with its Lumia range, which will combine NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 to track items from your phone. You may never lose your keys again. » 7/29/13 8:29am 7/29/13 8:29am

RIM Goes Tag-tastic Over NFC

RIM didn't announce those NFC handsets for nothing, you know. Dubbed "Tag," their NFC service will allow swapping of URls, pics and other forms of media amongst BlackBerry handsets. » 10/10/11 6:40am 10/10/11 6:40am

These Are the New Words In the Concise Oxford English Dictionary

Scholars of the Concise English Oxford Dictionary, thank ye for blessing the words sexting and retweet and jeggings and mankini and cyberbullying on thy sacred book's pages, for now we would be able to feast upon them freely and properly. » 8/18/11 9:46am 8/18/11 9:46am

Street Tag for iPhone: Tag Up Walls with Graffiti Without Getting…

When I was young I associated graffiti with gangs and crime. Now that I'm older, it's probably my favorite form of art. I don't know my way around a can but I do know my iPhone. And with Street Tag, I can use my iPhone as a can of spray paint. SO FUN. » 8/08/11 6:53pm 8/08/11 6:53pm

Ortho-Tag Uses RFID To Identify Your Implants

When you have a prosthetic device implanted in your body, how do you retrieve information about it? You can't look at the bottom for a model number and you don't want to go under the knife to find the manufacturer. » 6/13/11 10:51pm 6/13/11 10:51pm

Get Chased Down in San Francisco For Fun

Grab your sneakers and get ready for a city-wide game of tag. The San Francisco game is an organized event called Journey to the End of The Night. It started in 2006 and has taken place in different cities for five years. » 6/08/11 10:33pm 6/08/11 10:33pm

Tag Heuer's Mikrotimer Flying 1000 Watch Looks Like It's Trying to Take…

It may be the first watch to ever measure (and show) what 1/1000th of a second looks like, but your friends down the pub won't care for that. They'll just keep asking you to "make it fly again!" » 3/29/11 5:40am 3/29/11 5:40am

Laser Tag Has Evolved Beyond Recognition

Whatever you thought you knew about laser tag has just been completely shattered. Because that game that came after the pizza party and before the present opening at all the best 8th grade birthday parties is long gone. Light Strike, its next-gen replacement, includes fingerprint ID, a range of weapon blasts, a… » 2/16/11 9:20pm 2/16/11 9:20pm

Stop Being Lazy And Come Play Nike+ Tag With Your Friends

If you need competition of sorts in order to get motivated, then you'll love the new TAG feature in the Nike+ GPS iPhone app. It basically lets you challenge friends based on distance, time, or who's the last to run. » 1/14/11 11:40pm 1/14/11 11:40pm

Over 7,000 People Tagged in One Facebook Photo Wins a Guinness World…

36 ultra hi-res photos taken with two Hasselblad cameras at this year's Glastonbury Festival in England were stitched together to create a 1.3-gigapixel image. Of the 70,000 people captured, over 7,000 dirty revellers have tagged themselves on Facebook. » 10/22/10 7:20am 10/22/10 7:20am

Microsoft Gives Android the Free Barcode-Reading Tag App

Now that the Apple Vs Google war has eclipsed the Microsoft Vs Google war, Microsoft has felt it safe to quietly slip the Android platform a freebie. Tag is a high capacity color barcode reader also available for iPhone. » 3/04/10 3:55am 3/04/10 3:55am

Toddler Review: Leapfrog Tag Junior Book Pal

Alas, I have no spawn of my own. So when LeapFrog mailed their new Tag Junior, a handheld device that reads special LeapFrog books to children, I had to call in the big guns for the review. Err...little guns. » 6/30/09 3:40pm 6/30/09 3:40pm

$100,000 Shower Makes Sure Your Most Valuable Body Parts are Clean

This right here is a $100,000 shower. It costs way more than your shower. What do you get for such a ridiculous price? How about 18 showerheads? Judging by the photo, most of them are all around you, but one powerful showerhead looks to be a, well, undercarriage cleaner, just in case you like having a fire hose shot… » 3/06/08 12:00pm 3/06/08 12:00pm

NEC Tag Cellphone Concept: Malleable Smart Rubber

The cellphone as we know it has pretty much hit a plateau as far as designed is concerned (you've got candybars, sliders and flip phones and that's about it) so that's why it's refreshing to see this concept cellphone from NEC. Dubbed the tag, the cellphone is made of a malleable rubber that "remembers" what shape… » 11/29/06 9:19am 11/29/06 9:19am

1978 Heuer Ford RS Motorsport: Retro Tech

Why buy new retro when you can buy retro retro? This 1978 watch features dual LCD displays - the second of which solely displays the Ford logo. And those metal boob-thingies in the front? They are the batteries designed to look like spark plug pods. » 10/22/06 12:10pm 10/22/06 12:10pm