You Are Not Rich, Sophisticated, or Handsome Enough to Own the Tag Heuer Meridiist Phone

Watchmaker Tag Heuer »10/04/08 12:00pm has put up a teaser video for their forthcoming Meridiist phone, and boy is it a slap in the face to everyday Joe Sixpacks like you and me. The phone isn't really, as one suit in the video notes, "A very nice... a very nice PIECE OF ART," but when the big innovation is bringing the stunning…

$6100 Croc-Skinned Tag Heuer Meridiist Phone: Nothing But a Pretty Face

Watchmaker Tag Heuer today announced its Vertu wannabe, the Meridiist. Like others in its class, its high price doesn't seem to justify the goods, unless you count a choice of crocodile, leather or rubber, a sapphire crystal main screen and a famous name. The specs are almost entirely unimpressive: 1.9" QVGA main… »4/08/08 1:20pm

TAG Heuer Set to Develop Luxury Cellphone Line: Does Tiger Woods Need More Money?

According to the folks at Electronista, fancy-pants watchmaker TAG Heuer will team up with the French designers at Modelabs to develop a new line of luxury cellphones. The news follows closely on the heels of other fashion icons like Armani and Prada entering the phone biz, but there is no word yet on how the Tag… »11/26/07 5:40pm

Tag Heuer Monaco V4: Watch Changes Wheels and Pinions for Piston and Belt Transmissions

The Tag Heuer Monaco V4 is the ultimate time machine. And I don't mean that in a "it would let you open portals in the time-space continuum to discover a new dimension with an army of buxom ultra-vixens that will obey all your commands and conquer the galaxy for you" way (my idea of the ultimate time machine,… »4/19/07 11:30am