Snowboarding Reader Meetup Tomorrow: Custom Gizmodo Zune Giveaway

The little reader meetup on Saturday April 5th (that's TOMORROW!) continues to grow. Alpine Meadows is hosting us, treating us to breakfast, putting up a big Gizmodo banner, and giving our volunteer Red One camera crew a snowmobiled chaperon. Olympus is sending us a waterproof 1030 cam to demo. And Brian from the Zune… »4/04/08 7:29pm4/04/08 7:29pm

Spring Snowboard and Ski Reader Meetup: I'm Feeling the Love

Hey, if you haven't heard I'm doing an informal reader meet up April 5th, at (I think) Alpine Meadows in Tahoe. The point will be to ski or snowboard, while testing out some gadgets in the real world. What's cool is that plenty of people are coming and that there'll be some fun gear to play with while we're there. And… »3/27/08 11:59am3/27/08 11:59am