This visualization of server traffic is like the coolest game of Pong

Taiga is "a free project management platform for startups, developers, and designers." After being mentioned by Hacker News their servers got blasted with traffic, which they turned into this cool visualization that it like a game of Pong played by a zillion players against one computer. »10/01/14 11:46pm10/01/14 11:46pm


This Family Lived Isolated for 40 Years and Never Even Heard of World War II

You've probably heard stories of Japanese soldiers who, stranded on some remote island in the Pacific, thought the war never ended. But the Lykovs' story is even more outlandish than that. Karp Lykov and his family never even heard of World War II—its beginning or its end. Nothing at all. In fact, they lived in the… »1/29/13 7:40pm1/29/13 7:40pm