The Spiderman Musical Trainwreck, Animated Taiwanese News-Style

The Spiderman musical. It's cursed! Or at least very poorly conceived. Either way, to get cartoonishly caught up on everything that's gone tragi-hilariously wrong with Julie Taymor's über-expensive production of Turn Off the Dark, look no further. [NMA] » 12/23/10 2:00pm 12/23/10 2:00pm

Taiwanese News Animates HP Sex Scandal

The lure of a sex scandal (even if they just dined out a few times!), a softcore porn actress, and the world's largest PC maker was too much for this Taiwanese news outlet to bear. So, to the animation desk! » 8/11/10 2:57am 8/11/10 2:57am

The Taiwanese News Animates the iPhone 4 Antenna Saga (With Very…

The same Taiwanese outlet that does those Sims-style animations to better illustrate the news has done it again for Steve Jobs and the iPhone 4 antenna saga. No spoilers, but there's a very special guest this time. [Thanks Michael!] » 7/18/10 11:04pm 7/18/10 11:04pm