Tomy's Six-Second Video Camera Lets Kids Vine Just Like Grown-ups

If your kids have been jonesing to get their Vine on, but you'd rather not put a $500 mobile device in their hands just so they can create bite-size six-second videos, Takara Tomy has a cheaper solution. Its new Magical 6 camera does basically the same thing as the Vine app, but with a little more legwork needed to… » 12/01/14 9:31am 12/01/14 9:31am

An Egg Spinning Contraption That Pre-Scrambles Them In the Shell

It turns out the term 'pudding' has different meanings all over the world. In North America it's usually a creamy dessert treat, in the UK it's a soggy bread mess, and in Japan it's a pre-scrambled boiled egg that's drizzled with caramel sauce. And now the Japanese version is a lot easier to make with this whimsical… » 9/02/14 2:00pm 9/02/14 2:00pm

Overkill, Thy Name Is This Tiny, Tablet-Cleaning, Roomba-Like Robot

We all hate using a smartphone or tablet when the screen's covered in greasy fingerprints. But it's a situation that's easy to solve with nothing but a shirt sleeve, or if you're particularly anal, a microfiber cloth. What the world doesn't need is a tiny Roomba-like cleaning device designed specifically for cleaning… » 2/05/13 8:57am 2/05/13 8:57am

Takara Tomy Air Filter for Babies Cleans Air, But Chokes You With Its…

Famed maker of awesome Takara Tomy's latest bundle of cool is a super cute air filter for babies. It's outfitted with an antibacterial filter and Sharp's "decontamination ion" purification tech (my AC in Japan actually had this too) so your offspring don't inhale all the nasty, germ-y stuff floating around your house.… » 11/01/07 2:30am 11/01/07 2:30am

i-SOBOT, World's Smallest Humanoid Robot, Hits US Next Month

Takara Tomy's 6.5-inch, Guinness-certified "smallest humanoid robot in production," i-SOBOT, is finally making its way to our primitive shores next month. The English website and price are still "coming soon," but since this dancing, push-upping wunderbot runs about $300 in Japan, we can pretty safely guess it'll be… » 9/17/07 9:55am 9/17/07 9:55am

Virtual Train Simulator For Japanese Kids

Can you imagine what kind of boring life you'd grow up to have if what you played with as a Japanese kid was a virtual commuter train simulator? All you do is go from one commuter stop to the next, picking up other sad sack salarymen, all the while enjoying the sights that is Japan's urban jungle. Makes me want to off… » 8/02/07 2:50pm 8/02/07 2:50pm

Bomb Piggy Bank Explodes When You Take Money Out

Well "explodes" is perhaps a bit harsh, but if you take too long to retrieve your cash monies, the LED fuse lights up and the bomb gets a bit unruly—it starts shaking and then chucks your coinage. If that sounds like your idea of a party (Uncle Scrooge, what?) you can pick one up in Japan from Takara Tomy for about 25… » 6/29/07 9:20am 6/29/07 9:20am

Japanese Toy Company Makes The World's Smallest 2-Legged Robot

The Omnibo2007 i-SOBOT is the smallest 2-legged robot in the world. It's just 96x67x165mm and weighs only 350g. An internal gyro-sensor gives is maximum flexibility while an attached IR remote control has voice command features and pre-programming capabilities. If you clap or play music, the i-SOBOT will dance to the… » 1/23/07 1:07pm 1/23/07 1:07pm