Pogue: AT&T Drops Inane Paging Option From Voicemail Chatter

David Pogue says AT&T is officially cutting back the robo-banter you hear when leaving voicemail. It's not fully stripped, but you won't hear the "page this person" nonsense anymore. Nice one, Dave. We support you in your cause. [NYT] » 9/09/09 8:00pm 9/09/09 8:00pm

"Take Back the Beep" Voicemail Crusade Takes Back Its First Beeps

Who knew David Pogue's consumer insurrection against scummy, minute-hoarding voicemail messages would actually work? Sir David would like to report that most major carriers have at least responded to the campaign, and AT&T is cutting down on message length. » 8/13/09 7:00pm 8/13/09 7:00pm