Twitter Is the One Place the Number of Copyright Notices Is Actually…

Last June, Twitter hopped on the transparency train and released its first report indexing information requests, copyright takedown notices, and removal requests from governments around the globe. Now the second report is out, with its own site and some new details on what the U.S. government in particular is doing.… » 1/28/13 11:37am 1/28/13 11:37am

Mega Passed Its First Copyright Takedown Test

In addition to protecting itself from your pirated content with its see-no-evil encryption, Kim Dotcom's Mega service aims to stay on the law's good side by playing nicely with copyright takedown requests and keeping that super important DMCA safe harbor status. So far so good, too; it's responded to an early batch… » 1/27/13 5:00pm 1/27/13 5:00pm