It's Official: Yahoo Is Buying Tumblr, Promises "Not to Screw It Up"

After rumors spread during the weekend, it's now official: Yahoo is buying Tumblr. Yahoo has announced the takeover, aptly enough, on Tumblr, explaining that it "promises not to screw it up." That's a reference, obviously, to the complete mess it's made of pretty much every other company it's ever bought. In that… »5/20/13 8:25am5/20/13 8:25am

Microsoft Retires Yahoo Offer, Won't Try Hostile Takeover

Microsoft has retired their bid over Yahoo completely, citing "excessive demands" on Yahoo's part. They won't try to do a hostile takeover either, because "Mr Yang would "take steps that would make Yahoo undesirable as an acquisition for Microsoft," according to Steve Ballmer. The potential nightmare/dream love story… »5/04/08 6:41am5/04/08 6:41am

Microsoft's Yahoo Bid Deadline Passes, World Doesn't End

Yahoo! and Microsoft have failed to agree on a takeover deal. The deadline for the deal was last weekend, and Saturday came and went without so much as a peep from either party. This means two things: a hostile takeover, which would mean kicking out the Yahoo! board at the shareholders' meeting; or Ballmer et al will… »4/28/08 6:40am4/28/08 6:40am