Super Talent 8GB Flash Drive is World's Smallest

The chaps at Super Talent are not only incredibly modest, talented and super, but they must also be fantastically tiny to have put together the world's smallest 8GB flash drive. (Flawless logic, I'm sure you'll agree.) Retailing at $35, the price is pretty reasonable, at least until you drop it into your chest hair and … » 4/08/08 5:34am 4/08/08 5:34am

Frenchman Fotoshop Fiesta, Part Deux

Well, the entries kept rolling in, so why not post them? This is the last batch of photoshops from our mini-contest yesterday, and it contains some more brilliance and some more absolute head-scratchers. This contest is officially closed, so thank you all for playing, and please stop disrupting my day by filling my… » 5/04/07 4:00pm 5/04/07 4:00pm