New Botanicalls Lets Plants Communicate Using Twitter

The new version of Botanicalls can now talk to Twitter. It uses an Arduino electronics board connected to a notebook, and some soil moisture probes crafted from a couple of galvanised nails. Your plant can then send out a Twitter alert when it's thirsty, detect when its been over- or under-watered and let you know… » 2/25/08 8:07am 2/25/08 8:07am

Botanicalls Help Plants Whine to You About Needing Water

A quartet of innovative students at NYU have given plants a way to call you when they need watering. Using moisture sensors attached to the plants, when a plant needs watering an clever chain of software is triggered, sending data to an open-source telephony application called Asterisk. Asterisk makes a call to a… » 2/19/07 9:45am 2/19/07 9:45am