Live Vicariously Through Your Life Clock

The Life Clock from Jinsei Tokei is kind of like a Tamagotchi for adults—but instead of caring for it, the little guy living inside this box mimics your lifestyle. Well...sort of. You see, you can choose between three characters: a salaryman, a schoolgirl or a rock star. It gets up when your alarm goes off and it goes… » 10/10/08 5:30pm 10/10/08 5:30pm

Walk Hard to Win With the Masochistic Jinsei Game of Life Pedometer

Put simply, the Jinsei Game of Life won't let you play the simple game contained inside it unless you exercise. It's part pedometer, part Tamagotchi, part Lap Around Japan, and a little bit of masochism mixed in for good measure. To complete the "stages," you must take 300 steps, at which point you'll be granted a… » 7/20/08 8:00pm 7/20/08 8:00pm

All You Need is Love from Talking, Romantic "Handsome Men" Piggy Bank

Things'd have to be pretty desperate in your love life if you needed one of these Ikemenbank, or "handsome men banks" from Bandai. For each 500 yen coin you drop in the heart-shaped gadget, you're rewarded with the next step of a virtual love affair with a Tamagotchi-like digital chap inside. He speaks to you with… » 6/20/08 7:45am 6/20/08 7:45am