5 Tips for Taking Holiday Photos You Can Be Proud Of

[Ed. note: Ah, the holidays — the time of year when we gather with loved ones, take pictures of loved ones, dress in festive reindeer sweaters, take pictures of festive reindeer sweaters, make an excessive number of baked goods, take pictures of an excessive number of baked goods, etc. »12/18/12 11:59am12/18/12 11:59am

During the holidays, light…

What to Get the Outdoorsy Shutterbug in Your Life this Holiday Season

[Ed. note: This holiday season, Gizmodo has partnered with Tamron to bring you a series of gift guides for the photography buffs in your life. And because she has really great taste, we asked our friend Lisbeth Ortega from Photojojo to share the gear she's really excited about. Check out her picks below.] »11/28/12 3:59pm11/28/12 3:59pm