Tank Chair Prefers Backyard Lounging to International Destruction

When you think Tank Chair, you might consider something more imposing than what's presented here. But then you realize it's inspiration does indeed come from the treads of a military tank. » 3/13/09 9:30pm 3/13/09 9:30pm

Extreme Tank Wheelchair Gets Upgraded: Rascal Owners...Be Very Afraid

The second generation of the Tank Chair is even bigger and badder than the original, with a 24v, 2hp, 127rpm variable speed motor powered by four Optima Deep Cycle batteries. It also has a 22:1 gear ratio and it can handle a 10% incline with no problems. » 1/10/08 5:00pm 1/10/08 5:00pm

Rugged Wheelchair Lets Disabled Go Off-road

It may look like some oversized BattleBot, but the Tank Chair is a rugged, off-road wheelchair that lets anybody with leg injuries "get back to nature." Each chair is custom built and can take on any type of terrain. There's no word on pricing, but any wheelchair that looks this cool has got to be worth the splurge.… » 11/24/06 7:00pm 11/24/06 7:00pm