The NSA's Elite Hacker Squad Is Suffering in the Post-Snowden Era

Over the past couple of decades, the NSA has gone to crazy lengths to tap into computer networks of friends and enemies, alike. Backdoors, shell companies, repurposed hacktivists—they've tried everything, and to great success. That is, until Edward Snowden blew the lid off it all. » 10/16/13 10:55am 10/16/13 10:55am

Leaked Documents Detail the Cyber Operations of US Spy Agencies

The Washington Post has some more documents that reveal the offensive cyber-operations of US spy agencies. The cyber campaign is even broader and more aggressive than we first thought and uses movie-appropriate code names like GENIE, TAO, TURBINE and The ROC. Apparently, US spy agencies launched 231 offensive… » 8/30/13 10:51pm 8/30/13 10:51pm