Katy Perry's Huge Back Catalog Cherrypicked For iPhone Music App

The latest celebrity to have their work and likeness pasted into the Tap Tap Revenge iPhone gaming template is Katy Perry, with Katy Perry Revenge now up for download on iTunes—if you ever listen to Katy Perry on purpose. » 8/25/10 4:40pm 8/25/10 4:40pm

Kids, Tell Your Career Advisor You Want To Make $1m A Month Creating…

Tapulous, developer of the Tap Tap Revenge series of iPhone apps, is raking in $1m a month from sales through the App Store. » 12/21/09 5:48am 12/21/09 5:48am

Good Things Do Come in Threes with Tap Tap Revenge 3

It's got avatars, chat, and premium songs, oh my! Soon-to-be-released Tap Tap Revenge 3 focuses on the social side of things, and it looks like it might pull it off well. Or maybe I'm just giddy about the Tiësto tracks. » 10/06/09 12:01am 10/06/09 12:01am

Tap Tap Revenge Coldplay Edition Now Available in App Store

Coldplay has become the latest band to partner with Tapulous for a special edition of Tap Tap Revenge. Fans of the band can now tap their way through 10 of their greatest hits for $5. » 4/07/09 11:50am 4/07/09 11:50am

Facebook Connect for iPhone Games Lets Everyone Know You're Not Really…

A bunch of iPhone games, among them the destructively awesome Tap Tap Revenge 2, have received updates to include Facebook Connect functionality. What does that mean for you? Networking. Delicious networking. » 3/14/09 2:30pm 3/14/09 2:30pm

iPhone Music Game Tap Tap Revenge Hits the Floor In Sequel Tap Tap Dance

The most popular free iPhone game of the year has gotten a full overhaul with more Open GL goodness, more frantic Guitar-Hero-inspired music tapping, and most importantly, more Daft Punk. » 12/04/08 11:40am 12/04/08 11:40am

Nine Inch Nails Version of Tap Tap Revenge Coming to iTunes

Tapulous—the creators of that Perfect Drug » 9/30/08 12:40am 9/30/08 12:40am of an app, Tap Tap Revenge—is partnering up with Nine Inch Nails to put over a dozen of the band's songs in the game. The alliance will be one of the first to bring licensed content to iPhone apps and, depending on how successful it is, could mark a surge of similar…