This is the interior of a tarantula skin after the tarantula sheds it

You are looking at a tarantula's skin after it's shedded by the eight-legged critter. I can't possibly describe the level of disgust that this image causes in me. First, because it's visually horrible. And then, because I didn't know they shed their skins, which makes them even more disgusting. » 9/13/14 6:33am 9/13/14 6:33am

Win a Razer Tarantula Keyboard for Destroying your Current Keyboard

With the Optimus keyboard on a downward spiral towards death it is time to begin looking for other high-end keyboarding solutions. The Razer Tarantula may be it. This $100 keyboard is macro-able and designed with the gamer in mind. Razer will be giving away five of these bad boys, but at a cost. » 11/30/06 10:44am 11/30/06 10:44am

Razer Tarantula Keyboard Reviewed (Verdict: Gives Your Gaming Some Bite)

The first keyboard from high-end gaming moue extraordinaer, Razer, is about to ship, finally. The Razer Tarantula was first announced at CES 2005, yes almost a year ago, and it again made a debut at E3 back in May with promises of an August release. A few months past the expected release and many refinements, the… » 10/31/06 1:04pm 10/31/06 1:04pm