Time Harp Instrument is Motion-Sensing, String-Playing Howler

"Argh, um, ooh... actually that's kinda interesting" is an approximate record of my thoughts as I heard the Time Harp play in this vid for the first time. The robo-musical instrument grinds plastic discs against strings to make them resonate, activated by motion sensors. And it produces...well, a kind of vooming hum… »6/29/08 4:30pm6/29/08 4:30pm

Doctor Who Outed as Secret Ikea Shopper, as Tardis Brought to Set Flat-Packed

Fans of the revivified British TV series Doctor Who are, apparently, reeling, after the shock discovery that the Tardis, the Time Lords' equivalent to a Toyota Prius, comes in a flatpack. "I expected the Tardis to beam down from some far-off galaxy," said one shocked onlooker, "but it looked more like some flatpack… »3/04/08 8:26am3/04/08 8:26am

Parents Build Tardis Bedroom for Their Little Doctor Who Clone

Unfortunately, there is not much in the way of information (or pictures for that matter) of the Tardis bedroom that Steve Baker of Sittingbourne, Kent, built for his 10-year-old son George, but the image included here should give you the gist. Obviously the kid is a rabid Doctor Who fan —an obsession that is only… »12/21/07 7:00pm12/21/07 7:00pm