Targus's Mice for Macs First to Have 4-Way Touch Scrolling

Targus has been making peripherals since before sliced bread was invented, but as part of its first line of notebook accessories specifically designed for Macs it's come up with two mice that are the only ones to have four-way touch scroll controls for Macs. They're ergonomic, and both have 1200 dpi sensitivity: the… »9/30/08 8:30am9/30/08 8:30am

Targus' Chill Mat For Macs Designed to Keep Your MacBook and Knees Cool

Generally I think " laptop coolers »9/30/08 8:30am9/30/08 8:30am... meh" when I come across them, but the new Chill Mat from Targus—part of the for Macs—is actually a fairly sweet device. Mainly because it's just a simple mesh-top gizmo, that tilts your Mac to a more wrist-friendly position and it looks like it'd sit quite well, stylistically…

Targus Speaker Book Brings Compact Tuneage: No Reading Involved

Finding a way to make portable speakers truly portable has proven difficult for manufacturers over the years. This new Speaker Book represents Targus' stab at a solution. The unique design features flat, foldable NXT speakers that can connect to just about anything using via a standard 3.5-millimeter cable. It can… »4/22/08 7:30pm4/22/08 7:30pm

From Rumorware to Bandwagonware: Here Come the MacBook Air Accessories

It starts with a case: This week, after one company preemptively announced a sexy MacBook Air sleeve before the Jobsnote, others have followed suit. Not only is there a real Manila folder case in the works, but others, from WaterField to Belkin, are launching their own lineups. Here are Belkin's first hasty… »1/18/08 12:00pm1/18/08 12:00pm