Reminder: Now Is a Very Bad Time to Launch New iPhone Accessories

With an Apple event just around the corner where the company is expected to reveal the next generation iPhone and its rumored updated dock connector, now is a very bad time to announce accessories that could be obsolete in just a few weeks time. But Tascam didn't get that memo, and so has graced us with a couple of… »9/05/12 9:30am9/05/12 9:30am


Tascam GT-R1 Guitar Recorder Lets You Capture Those Brilliant Solos

Tascam—last heard of here on Giz with a portable MP3 guitar "trainer" »8/04/08 4:27am8/04/08 4:27am—has come up with another gizmo that may interest you if you're a guitarist. The GT-R1 is a portable MP3 recorder for capturing your axe work, capable of recording to MP3/WAVE at 48/44.1 kHz 24-bits uncompressed. That's not bad quality, and since it…