Watch bare skin get tasered in painful super slow motion

This is a little bit gross but if you were ever curious as to how a taser works, just watch it shoot out in super slow motion. The electrical cartridge jumps out of the gun in an explosion of confetti (the confetti has a unique serial number), breaking down the door and then swimming through the air to latch onto the… »9/11/15 9:33pm9/11/15 9:33pm


This 1920s Shockwatch Was Like a Taser For Your Wrist

While those of us here in the early 21st century argue over the future of smartwatches and smart rings, inventors of the 1920s would probably think we're all a bunch of babies. Sure, your Pebble might have caller ID. But can it incapacitate a potential mugger with a 10,000 volt high frequency shock? I didn't think so. »3/11/14 3:30pm3/11/14 3:30pm

How to Turn a Drone Into a Vicious Flying Stungun of Doom

See those silver stripes around the circumference of this Parrot AR drone? They're not there for decoration or style. They're actually strips of aluminum tape that's wired into a capacitor from a disposable camera's flash. Which means that when—not if—this drone bumps into someone, they're going to get a particularly… »8/30/12 4:34pm8/30/12 4:34pm