Why Microsoft Scrapped the Start Button

When it came to light that Microsoft was planning to remove the Start button from Windows for good, many ardent fans of its functionality were unhappy. Now, Microsoft has explained why it made the choice to ditch the button, which has graced PC desktops for over 17 years. » 6/28/12 7:02am 6/28/12 7:02am

Win 7 Tip: Miss Vista's Quick Launch? Here's How You Get It Back

The taskbar in Windows 7 is a revamped combination of the previous Quick Launch and Vista's taskbar, but if you really, really miss Quick Launch, then keep reading. » 1/30/09 5:39pm 1/30/09 5:39pm

Win 7 Tip: Device Stage Gadget Interface Is Gorgeous (When Supported!)

Device Stage is a set of baked-in icons and menus for printers, cameras, phones, etc. that wait for the moment when you plug something in. Recognition comes fast and smooth—provided the gadget is supported. UPDATE » 1/23/09 10:00am 1/23/09 10:00am

Gizmodo's Complete Windows 7 Coverage

Windows 7 Beta, Microsoft's thank-you gift for putting up with Vista, has been out two weeks and we're covering every exciting inch of it. Here's how to catch up, or get the beta for yourself: » 1/22/09 2:30am 1/22/09 2:30am

Giz Explains: Why the Windows 7 Taskbar Beats Mac OS X's Dock

Yeah, I said it. The Windows 7 taskbar is the most important Windows UI change since Windows 95, and it will dramatically change the way you use Windows. And it's better than the Mac's Dock. » 1/21/09 2:01pm 1/21/09 2:01pm

Win 7 Tip: The Taskbar Is the Most Useful New UI Change

Once you get past the slightly differently-colored Aero theme in Windows 7, you'll realize that it looks, UI-wise, almost the same as Vista. That is, until you look down at the Taskbar. Now that's new. » 1/15/09 3:20pm 1/15/09 3:20pm

Microsoft's Guided Tour of the Windows 7 Taskbar

As we pointed out in our Windows 7 walkthrough » 11/03/08 5:00pm 11/03/08 5:00pm, one of the biggest improvements to the UI is the taskbar. It is hard to explain new features like "Peek" and how the functionality of the taskbar has evolved without actually showing you how it works—so this video should do a lot to clear things up. All-in-all it looks…

Windows 7 Taskbar, 'Peek' and Multitouch Gestures Caught On Video

Our in-depth preview of Windows 7 » 10/29/08 9:50am 10/29/08 9:50am mentioned a few major features that didn't quite make it into the copy we tested, but the wily crew at Chilean site have caught a more advanced build on (sickeningly shaky) video. Most notably, the long hands-on shows off the new dock-esque taskbar, with decent task grouping,…