A Weekend Of Dark Beer With The World's Greatest Stout Glass

It's just not fair: every single grape varietal and wine style, including some that no one has ever even heard of (Kalterer See Auslese, anyone?), has its own specially designed glass. Even Coca-Cola now has one. But, for beer, your standard mouth-delivery vehicle is the same, whether you're drinking the wateriest Bud… »4/04/14 5:00pm4/04/14 5:00pm

The Futuristic Liquid Nitrogen Machine That Makes Ice Cream To Order

Despite the warm wood and cheery red accents, Smitten Ice Cream can feel a bit like a mad scientist's shop. There's the industrial-sized tank of liquid nitrogen that greets you inside the entrance of its new flagship location in Oakland. And there's the billowing clouds of nitrogen when the stainless steel ice cream… »3/26/14 5:20pm3/26/14 5:20pm

Why Toothpaste Makes Things Taste So Awful

You may think it might be the common mint flavor of toothpaste clashing with other flavors, but in the case of orange juice and many other things, this isn't actually what's going on. The culprit here is thought to be two compounds almost universally added to toothpastes -sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl ether… »3/11/14 6:00am3/11/14 6:00am

Taste Virtual Food By Touching This Silver Electrode To Your Tongue

Amazon lets you flip through many of the books in their online store, while iTunes lets you listen to a preview of a song you're thinking of downloading. And soon, online grocery stores could let you sample their wares as well, thanks to this unique synthesizer that can simulate various tastes on your tongue. »11/21/13 8:59am11/21/13 8:59am

Good, Bad, and Evil Things: Cataloging Crimes Against Taste

The nebulous territory of “good” and “bad” taste have always confused me. Who are you to tell me what completely unaffordable couch I should or shouldn’t buy, well-meaning Architectural Digest editor? Well, back in 1909, a German art historian named Gustav E. Pazaurek devised a system to help us all out. Let’s call… »5/22/13 4:36pm5/22/13 4:36pm

Kids Trying Food for the First Time Is the Most Adorable Thing

Do you remember the first time you ate an olive? It probably turned you off from anything that had an olive in it until you started drinking martinis. Such is the way certain foods are when you're young. Anything vegetable related? Bleh. Anything too strong or spicy tasting? Ahh! But as you grow up, you realize… »5/08/13 9:45pm5/08/13 9:45pm