A More Awesome (But Maybe Creepier!) Way to Facebook Friend That Girl You're Talking To With Augmented Reality

The Astonishing Tribe's latest demo is Recognizr, an app that blends Polar Rose's face recognition tech with augmented reality and social networking—point your phone's camera at somebody's face, and their contact info and social networks will magically appear. » 2/23/10 1:40pm 2/23/10 1:40pm

Android's Interface Designers Show Us How It Could Have Looked

The Astonishing Tribe, the interface wunderkinds that designed the G1's Android UI, have released a series of images and videos » 10/22/08 5:21am 10/22/08 5:21am showing off a few other mobile design concepts — some that clearly didn't make the Android cut, and others that were probably never intended to. These mockups could be penance for the actual…

Healing Theater Umine Gives You that Sinking Feeling

So, you've pulled The Man From Atlantis/Daryl Hannah in Splash/The Little Mermaid and you've won the "My place or yours" contest. This is what you use to set the mood—Umine's Healing Theater. Costing $84, it emits soothing sounds of the sea—frolicking dolphins, mating whales, that sort of thing*—and projects green and… » 7/27/07 8:26am 7/27/07 8:26am