Tata Nano Isn't a Music Player or Tits, Nay, It's a $2500 Car

The words "Tata Nano" have nothing to do with tiny music players, but the car going by that name's price and size are still nearly small enough to dance on the head of a pin. Introduced in India for $2500, another feature of the car worthy of the word "nano" is probably going to be the amount of time until it needs to… » 1/11/08 10:29am 1/11/08 10:29am

Indian Company Releasing $2,400 Car, the World's Cheapest

If you thought your Kia was a cheap car, you obviously didn't buy it in India. A country with an exploding population of drivers, India has a red-hot market for cheap autos. With that in mind, Indian company Tata Motors (oh, grow up) is selling a plastic car that'll run about $2,400 total. Yes, that makes it the… » 8/20/07 8:00pm 8/20/07 8:00pm