The Tate Modern's New Art Installation: 100 Million Hand-Painted…

The Tate Modern has housed some strange art—huge curving slides, a massive artificial sun, and a giant spider, to name a few. But its new installation is the strangest yet: a mind-boggling carpet of 100 million sunflower seeds. » 10/13/10 9:40am 10/13/10 9:40am

Play Top Trumps With Valuable Artworks Using the Tate Museum's iPhone…

You remember the Top Trumps games right, where you have to outdo your opponent with a stronger/faster/leaner/meaner dinosaur/footballer/celebrity/poo? The Tate museum of London has created a decidedly more high-brow version, in the form of a free iPhone app. » 6/01/10 2:20pm 6/01/10 2:20pm

The Tate Gets a Design That Would Satisfy the Ancient Egyptians

The architectural design firm Herzog & de Meuron is designing the Tate Modern art gallery's newest extension. For the Tate, its a display that will finally be able to represent its interior. » 4/07/09 9:40pm 4/07/09 9:40pm

Awesome Tube Slide Should Replace Stairs

Who needs stairs? They're so last century. If I had my druthers, going up a floor in a building would be done via escalator, and going down would be done via slide. Giant tube slides, to be exact. You might think it's impractical, but that would just mean that you've murdered your inner child. » 5/08/07 2:55pm 5/08/07 2:55pm