Keep Your Cookbooks Clean With a Temporary Recipe Tattoo on Your Arm

The cookbooks I've used in my life have endured drippings, grease splatters, and one especially harrowingly bath in a pot of tomato soup. Let's face it, a big block of paper is an inconvenient thing to lug around the kitchen. But there's an ingenious little idea that puts tattoos in a perfectly convenient place to… »5/09/14 3:40pm5/09/14 3:40pm

What getting a tattoo looks like in super slow motion

If you ever wondered what getting a tattoo feels like, just watch this super slow motion video showing up close shots of the tattoo needle relentlessly stabbing people's skin over and over again so that the ink sets underneath. It's hypnotic and rhythmic actually, if you're the type to enjoy seeing skin bounce up and… »5/06/14 9:20pm5/06/14 9:20pm

Shoot Electricity From Your Skull With These Great Silk Screen Prints

These gorgeous silk screen prints by London-based tattoo artist Deno depict bold hieroglyphic towers of electrical energy and human body parts, like black & white totem poles from a future skull cult, some New School universe of pyramids and castles where stairways coil up and over power lines and stars threaten to… »5/01/14 4:48pm5/01/14 4:48pm

This mind-bending optical illusion is freaking the hell out of me

It may seem like this guy has a space-time bending black hole on his skull, which is about to swallow that guy's finger, but of course it's just an awesome optical illusion, created by artist Cory Ferguson, instagrammed by Geometry Chaos. If you have to get a tattoo, you may as well blow people's minds with it. »3/05/14 8:09pm3/05/14 8:09pm

Some Guy Got a Random Guy's Facebook Profile Pic Tattooed to His Butt

When we said that Selfless Portraits, an awesome website where strangers drew pictures of other stranger's Facebook profiles, is something we should all totally get behind, we definitely didn't mean this: Joey Jordan took one of those random Facebook profile pictures and got it tattooed on his butt cheek. Now some… »9/06/13 1:00am9/06/13 1:00am

Automatic Tattoo Machine Randomly Chooses Which Tattoo You'll Get

In a statement art piece, Chris Eckert created this automatic tattoo machine that chooses what kind of tattoo you'll get for you. That's right, you won't have a say at all. On top of that, the machine only tattoos religious symbols from the major religions. Why? Because Eckert believes that many people don't choose… »3/05/11 7:00pm3/05/11 7:00pm