Mechanical Tauntaun Costume Pushes Halloween Insanity to the Galactic…

At last, Star Wars fans all over the world would be able to go to their wedding on a tauntaun, to eat their tauntaun cake, and then carry their imaginary brides to a lovefest inside their tauntaun sleeping bags. » 11/16/09 2:40pm 11/16/09 2:40pm

I Want a Slice of this Amazingly Freaky Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake

I've seen plenty of nerdy geeky freaky cakes in my life, mostly Star Wars-related: R2-D2, the Death Star, the Millennium Falcon, Darth Vader, and pregnant Darth Vader. This dead tauntaun wedding cake, however, is just sick. And I love it. » 10/24/09 11:20pm 10/24/09 11:20pm

Drop The Knife, The Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Is Now Real

Thanks to Lucasfilm's nod of approval, ThinkGeek's got a treat for every Jedi's snuggly-wuggly-cuddly-just-ten-more-minutes-please-mom side. I wanna throw a sleepover to have an excuse to roll out lotsa these Tauntaun sleeping bags which "simulate the warmth of a Tauntaun carcass." » 10/09/09 8:18pm 10/09/09 8:18pm