CES 2007: Tavi 030 Cold PMP-ing

Tavi was an Innovation Award winner in 2006, and we were impressed with this perky little PMP from New Media Life when we first saw it too. Apparently this new version includes satellite TV, wireless VOD, IPTV, Podcasting and it supports high def. This we gotta see. » 11/08/06 6:49pm 11/08/06 6:49pm

TAVI: New Media Life, Indeed

This is a perky little PMP we found from a California-based company called New Media Life. Called the TAVI, it's small and has a nice clamshell design, encased in shiny white plastic. And with a 20GB hard drive, 3.5-inch display and TV-Out that supports HD resolutions, it's got some juice under the hood. Other than… » 1/14/06 9:21am 1/14/06 9:21am

Tavi Portable Multimedia Center

Here's an odd little innovation from a small Long Beach, California-based company called Tavi. It's a tad bit cryptic if the company is just an OEM or making its own product, but it looks like it should be introducing the TAVI 030, calling it the world's smallest portable multimedia center. With a 3.5-inch screen,… » 12/08/05 9:17am 12/08/05 9:17am