NYC's Taxi of Tomorrow Won't Be Your Only Choice of Cab

New York's State Supreme Court just put the brakes on the Taxi of Tomorrow, ruling that the Taxi and Limousine Commission doesn't have the power to make Nissan's NV200 the universal yellow cab. But how could NYC riders have benefited from it? » 10/08/13 6:24pm 10/08/13 6:24pm

New York's New Phone-Charging Taxi Cabs Are Almost Here

While New Yorkers enjoy the last few rides in the city's fleet of trusty Ford Crown Victoria taxis, the production lines are running for 23 hours six days a week in Mexico making "the Taxi of Tomorrow." Don't worry, it comes with USB chargers for your phones and other devices. » 8/15/13 2:18pm 8/15/13 2:18pm