A Brief History of Celebrities Using the Notes App to Share Their Thoughts With the World

In this hyperconnected celebrity age, every snapchat becomes a news story, and starting a feud is as easy as tweeting a single snake emoji. Comments and clarifications don’t need to be sought out by journalists or fed through publicists, they can be delivered instantly to millions immediately after being written out…

Year of the Fanboy Profile: Writers Fawning Over Subjects Because They Don't Have a Choice

Five years ago, I was an editor at Vibe, and I got an assignment to interview Usher. It was my second time profiling him for a cover story, but this setting would be more intimate than the previous one—instead of meeting in a hotel conference room, we’d talk at an outdoor bar at the Sunset Marquis in Hollywood, just…

Wiz Khalifa Arrested For Taking 'Stand For Our Generation' and Riding a Hoverboard

Wiz Khalifa was arrested last night at the Los Angeles airport for refusing to get off of his hoverboard. Yes, a hoverboard, just like Marty McFly. But Khalifa’s decision to ride his hoverboard through the airport wasn’t for entertainment, it was a principled stand and a deep commitment to emerging technologies.