Avantgarde Lives Up To Their Name With The G2 Speakers

Teac and German manufacturer Avantgarde Acoustics have teamed up to produce a line of speakers that I can only hope sound as good as they look. » 1/19/10 12:40pm 1/19/10 12:40pm

Teac's LP-R500 CD-Equipped Record Player Fell Through Ugly Timewarp

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. This is Teac's LP-R500. Ugh. Sorry, I'll try pulling myself together: it's a modern version of what my grandad used to call a "radiogramme," cramming in an FM radio, a CD player, cassette player and record deck into one sleek » 11/06/08 11:30am 11/06/08 11:30am ancient, massive, clunky box along with an amp and speakers. Admittedly it…

Teac's Wall-Mounted iPod Dock with CD Player Has Sub, NXT Speakers

Japanese audio company Teac is letting you have it up against the wall next week, with the release of the MC-DX32i iPod dock, AM/FM tuner and CD/CD-R/RW player. Expected to cost around 30,000 , ($270) the flat-panel system comes with all the gear you need to wall-mount it. Specs are below. » 12/06/07 4:15am 12/06/07 4:15am

One-Step DVD/CD Duplicator Rips Without a PC

TEAC's One-Step DVD/CD Duplicator will rip your CDs, or DVDs, without the need for a connection to a PC. That is enough information for us to decide we like it; it is simple and it can copyright infringe in around 6 minutes flat, thanks to the 48x CD drive read speed / 16x DVD read speed. Nice—but don't use it to… » 11/18/07 7:45pm 11/18/07 7:45pm

SACD player from TEAC Esoteric Rocks Minimal Style, Maximal Price

Teac Esoteric is celebrating 20 years of semi-high end stuff with the VRDS X-05, a Super Audio CD player that boasts all sorts of sexiness—well, the sort of sexiness that only comes with CD players. For example: » 11/14/07 6:33am 11/14/07 6:33am

TEAC MP-600 Media Player is Thin and Crisp

We like our MP3 players small and wafer-thin, and this TEAC MP-600 qualifies as both because it's about the size of a Triscuit. Even though it's just 3 inches wide and 9mm thin, it still shows off a 3.5-inch touchscreen up front, and packs an FM tuner along with digital voice recording inside. Take the jump for a big… » 7/10/07 8:38am 7/10/07 8:38am

Portable TEAC Drive Plays Nice With Your Media Cards

It may look small and innocent, but TEAC's forthcoming Portable Multifunction Drive knows how to get around. You see in addition to its USB port, the drive has a built-in memory card slot that lets you off load files from your CompactFlash, SD, Memory Stick Pro, and MiniSD cards (among others). It doesn't let you… » 11/30/06 11:37am 11/30/06 11:37am

Teac R-1B Retro'd Radio: Knobby!

Here is the Teac R-1B Retro AM/FM Radio. I am a sucker for any kind of vintage looking radio. Maybe I just like big knobs. (No sexual pun intended) This radio comes loaded up with two big ass knobs and three average sized knobs to give it that classic look. The speaker is pretty average with an output of 1.5W. Nothing… » 8/28/06 3:49pm 8/28/06 3:49pm

Convert Vinyl to CD With the Teac GF-350

Old farts like me remember vinyl: deliciously shiny slabs of plastic filled with the latest pop tunes. And old farts like me still have vinyl lying around that we can't listen to because our record players haven't been the same since we tried to use them to drive a disco ball. Fortunately, there's the Teac GF-350, a… » 8/17/06 1:20pm 8/17/06 1:20pm

Teac CD-X10i and MC-DX22i NXT-enabled CD Players With iPod Dock

These two ultra-thin CD players from Teac not only include two Hollywood-actress-slim speakers and a subwoofer, they also include an iPod dock. The CD player supports regular CDs along with MP3 CDs, CD-R and CD-RW discs. An AM/FM tuner also allows you to listen to the barren wasteland known as drive-time radio now… » 8/11/06 5:00pm 8/11/06 5:00pm

Teac SL-D900 CD Player/Clock Radio

Teac Japan goes retro with the SL-D900 CD player/clock radio, available in six colors for $210. Its best feature is the USB port where you can plug in your thumb drive and play MP3s. It hopefully sounds good, too, with its 2.1 speaker system with built-in sub. It's cranking out 15 watts—not bad for a clock radio.… » 2/16/06 5:17pm 2/16/06 5:17pm

I-O Data Double-Dipping DVD Device

Here's a double-decker DVD burner from I-O Data that lets you copy a disk from one of its TEAC DV-W28SL burners to the other with no PC in sight. You can also plug this model DVR-UW8DP into your computer via USB 2.0, and use it as a normal pair of drives. You'll pay dearly for the privilege: at $448, but the thing… » 2/09/06 1:06pm 2/09/06 1:06pm