This Computer Teacher Made 17-Year Old Student Play "Strip Video Games" at His House

Larry David Twigg, a 53-year old computer teacher from Waterloo, Iowa, was recently arrested for having a 17-year old student of his play "strip video games," take a "chocolate syrup shower," and make a snow angel in his boxers. This is all terrible, obviously, and the Iowa Board of Education is currently considering… »3/02/11 10:00pm3/02/11 10:00pm

Little Voices Coach Trainee-Teachers Over Headsets, Thanks to Bill Gates

Just like the technology that NFL coaches use, teachers in the US have been hooking up wires to their ears for mentors to whisper nuggets of help into when training. The Gates Foundation wisely invested its money in Teach for America, giving them enough money to purchase the headsets necessary for live-coaching newbie… »3/01/11 3:20pm3/01/11 3:20pm